We accept drop-offs during store hours. For smaller collections (1 box or less) drop-ins are welcome. For larger collections (more than 1 box) please call ahead to let us know you'll be coming, 218-210-0506. Depending on the size of the collection and staff availability, we may take 1-3 days to put together an offer.

All collections must be in sturdy containers - ideally cardboard boxes with covers - that can easily be lifted by the average adult. Books, puzzles and games must be clean (including no smells or markings) and in good shape. (SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS ABOUT WHAT WE DO NOT ACCEPT)

PLEASE NOTE: It's difficult to say over the phone what titles we may or may not be interested in at any given time. It is necessary to see books in person to determine their salability and value. However, if you have a collection of more than 2 boxes, you can send us a photo of your books, and we will do our best to give you an idea whether or not it's worth hauling them to the store.

All offers are final. Books that we cannot resell will be disposed of, unless the seller makes explicit arrangements to pick them up within 24 hours of the offer.

RECYCLING OPTIONS (Donation, Store Credit, Cash)

  1. DONATION: We always appreciate book donations and enjoy finding good homes for your cherished books!
  2. STORE CREDIT*: Instead of cash, we can offer you store credit for your books. A non-cash offer allows us to give you more for your books.
  3. CASH**: We accept a VERY limited number of books for cash. This option is only available when we are looking for specific books or types of books that are in demand, but we have not been able to meet that demand through our usual book acquisitions. A few examples often include:
    • Colleen Hoover books
    • Graphic Novels
    • New Releases (Bestsellers Only)

NOTE: Store Credit and Cash Offers will be prepared within 1-3 days and sent to you via email for approval. If you choose not to accept the offer, you must notify us and pick up your collection within 24 hours. All items not picked up within 24 hours will become the property of the bookstore, and the original offer will be credited to your account.

* Store credit does not expire and can be redeemed for most items in the store, but cannot be redeemed for cash. Up to 50 percent of any purchase can be paid for with store credit. Store credit is non-transferrable.

** Cash payments via check will be mailed and may take up to two weeks to arrive. Alternatively, you may choose to accept payment in the form of a giftable Lionseed Gift Certificate. 

Examples of what we DO NOT accept:

  • Magazines, Textbooks, Brochures, Pamphlets
  • Mass Market Paperbacks (the small books)
  • Discount/dollar store books, games, puzzles
  • Plastic/disposable toys (we accept limited, high-quality, wooden toys)
  • Outdated "reference" books - typically 5+ years old (e.g. travel guides, medical/health, business/finance, technology)
  • Anything with a strong scent - especially anything that smells like smoke or mildew.
  • Anything not in GOOD or LIKE NEW condition. We do not accept items that are dirty, damaged, marked up or missing pieces.
  • Books/authors that we know we have an overstock of or that for whatever reason, we know do not sell well at our store.